Efficiency & the Carter Review by Charles Simmons


GK Transformation's Director, Charles Simmons, presented his thoughts on maximising efficiency, in light of the Carter Review at the first University & Healthcare Estates and Innovation Conference. Hosted by the University of Birmingham, the launch of this event aimed to bring together Estates Directors from the NHS & University sectors respectively. The conference designed with a supporting exhibition to promote and facilitate collaboration of professionals from two adjacent industries.

The challenges faced by Universities and Hospitals are often interlinked from an Estates perspective. The strategic and operational issues overlap in so many areas that a sharing of best practice, case studies and innovation will provide an invaluable support network for both parties. With 25 years of experience working within both the Healthcare and Educational sectors, GK Transformation were put forward to lead discussions around industry hot topics, share expertise and highlight the future opportunities from this upcoming collaboration between industries.

Charles began discussions talking about how the size of an organisation does not have to directly correlate to a large overspend in specific areas and how looking at information from similar organisations can be a useful benchmark in understanding aspects of your own organisation. The use of strategic comparisons done in the right way between interchangeable networks can be used to identify areas where large savings can be made.

Key topics covered by Charles included:
Running Costs,
Space utilisation,

Identifying savings,
Cost improvement.

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