GK Transformation were engaged by a split-site acute trust to review their progress towards compliance with the comprehensive NHS Premises Assurance Model (PAM). This model brings together for the first time a wide range of services and disciplines across estates & facilities and examines them at both an operational and strategic level.

We catalogued their existing systems, records, processes and documents to build up a profile of where there was ample evidence of activity against individual PAM requirements and where there was little or no evidence. Several key differentiators of PAM against other reporting systems such as ERIC are that it requires both a strategic approach to estates & facilities services – aligning services with the wider trust context - and also requires working with other departments or directorates within the trust – including HR and Finance.

GK Transformation completed a comprehensive inventory for the Trust, highlighting omissions and out of date documents, and presented the findings in a prioritised risk-assessed summary.

We have now been re-engaged by the same Trust to develop and enhance their compliance with the latest PAM 2016 model, bringing our expertise to target the highest risk items: This will involve writing or re-writing of some policies & procedures and improving record-keeping and systems. While budgets are tight, there are significant improvements that can be delivered without significant expenditure on new IT systems and hardware; such as making sure all policies & procedures are up to date not only with legislation & best practice, but that document management and version control are integrated into everyday practice.

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