Interserve Facilities Management (IFM) – one of the UK’s leading facilities management companies – asked GK Transformation to review the Health Records Service that they were providing to Dudley Hospitals NHS Trust... part of a comprehensive Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract, covering a range of 17 general facilities management services.


The GK Transformation consultancy team first examined the terms of the existing contract to establish whether they were reasonable.

Any areas where services could be refined or eradicated altogether were identified. This involved observing the processes used in getting the physical medical records from the Health Records Service library to medical staff, when required, and then back onto the library shelves. The library had 1.3 million records, which were stored in a secure offsite warehouse and records were not being returned to the shelves promptly.


GK Transformation listed service inefficiencies and provided detailed recommendations. An example was the considerable amount of time spent by IFM staff searching for records which had not been replaced on the shelf before being required again.

GK Transformation's recommendations included:

  • Changes to the service delivery model.
  • Changes to the interface with the Trust.