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Gk Transformation were commissioned by London North West Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to assist with the performance management of their outsourced bed maintenance contract. The Trust had tried, in isolation; to make the contractor recognise the impact their lack of responsiveness and underperformance was having on the day-to-day operation of the Trust, with bed shortages becoming the norm.

Working with the Trust, GK Transformation built a case log of the issues which had come together to create the current unacceptable situation – some dating back several years, some a consequence of the form of contract, and others more operational in nature.

GK Transformation were successful in escalating the issues with the contractor which resulted in the contractor making some immediate changes to address the operational failings, but also putting in place a contract monitoring model which facilitated ongoing monitoring of the service and a forum for addressing other service development issues as they arose in a non-confrontational environment.

With GK Transformation help, the Trust was able to negotiate a significant rebate of fees in respect of the period of underperformance. The client commented “GK Transformation were able to support the Trust in rapidly resolving the urgent performance issues and also preparing the case for obtaining a refund of a significant percentage of fees. Their team were helpful, responsive, hard-working and professional.”

Following this remedial work, GK Transformation were then engaged to provide ongoing contract monitoring support. A contract monitoring regime was developed jointly with the Trust and agreed with the contractor. This included regular contract review meetings and a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to supplement the inadequate set included in the formal contract.

With GK Transformation's involvement, the Trust was able to achieve a high degree of partnership working with the contractor, allowing most day-to-day issues to be resolved in an informal manner, while retaining a firm control over performance and payments.

GK Transformation were also able to provide continuity during a period of transition for the Trust; including a merger with a neighbouring Trust and changes in key personnel which helped ensure that service levels were maintained through the process and that new opportunities for efficiencies were explored and implemented.

Again, the Trust thanked GK Transformation for their support throughout the period of change for the Trust, with performance being maintained throughout.

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