GK Transformation were engaged by CNWL NHS Foundation Trust to undertake a review of their Estates Maintenance (Hard FM) Services to decide whether and, if so, how they should be outsourced.

The estate comprised over a hundred sites across North West London and beyond, ranging in size from small residential homes to large 150 in-patient units and in age from Victorian to modern.
After a review of the current service provision encompassing alignment with the Trust's needs, performance, responsiveness, and costs comparing the Trust against others in its peer group from GK Transformation's extensive benchmarking database, the conclusion was that the service should be market tested.

GK Transformation then worked with the Trust to develop a new best practice service specification, incorporating both the current and future needs of the Trust. As part of this process, there were extensive stakeholder engagement exercises undertaken, whilst maintaining an awareness of the Trust's financial resources. At all times the focus remained on meeting the Trust's statutory requirements and service obligations.
When complete, the service specification was assessed for affordability against both the Trust's budgetary requirements and GK Transformation's cost database. Following approval by the Trust, the service specification was market tested using the EU-compliant Restricted Procedure route. As part of this, GK Transformation helped develop and refine the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) and the evaluation criteria used to shortlist the final bidders.
GK Transformation also assisted the Trust by developing evaluation criteria, aligned with the previously developed specification, to be issued as part of the invitation-to-tender (ITT) pack issued to the shortlisted bidders.
Following the receipt of tender responses, GK Transformation also undertook technical and financial evaluation of the bids, and provided subject matter expertise during the user scoring moderation session, to ensure that the Trust's evaluators were more aware of the potential issues and benefits of each response. The bidders were also invited to give presentations, and again, GK Transformation helped moderate the sessions.
Finally, GK Transformation were on hand to assist with any debriefs that were requested by the unsuccessful bidders.
No challenges were received during the 10-day standstill period and the procurement was successfully completed, awarding the contract to Miller Asset 24, giving the Trust's staff and service users an improved service within the existing cost envelope.
GK Transformation continued to support the Trust through the mobilisation phase and beyond; providing clarity and a point of reference for both the Trust and Contractor during the detailed operational planning stage, and reviewing plans and progress against the service commencement deadline. The service commenced on the agreed date and, additionally, the Contractor agreed to undertake much of the backlog of work that had built up during the last months of the previous service.