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Our Story

Over the past 25 years, GK Transformation has earned an excellent reputation for providing a broad range of  services to both Public and Private sector organisations. We have built up a solid reputation for undertaking independent and impartial analysis, supporting both Private & Public Sector clients.

Our Transformation Services include recommendations for restructuring and redesigning services in order to maximise efficiency, improve value for money and enable savings to be made in the shortest possible time frame  whilst also providing mentoring and implementation support.

Our experienced Transformation Team of Consultants, Business Analysts and Accountants are often able to provide services on a risk sharing and performance related fee structure. We offer a wide variety of services to our clients and are proud to offer our Clients a tailored solution to their specific needs and requirements.

The reputation we hold for maintaining long-standing and productive relationships with our clients speaks for itself, and we strive to provide 100% on customer satisfaction, this is reinforced by our rigorous quality assurance system accredited to ISO9001:2008.

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Low Carbon Europe has become the ‘preferred supplier’ in helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint, use less energy and spend less money. We support both strategic and operational energy management requirements. Where possible, our energy services include invasive measures in order to identify real energy savings rather than speculative energy savings. This provides real value compared to standard non-invasive auditing and reporting.

Visit the Low Carbon Europe website for more information.