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GK Transformation NHS Business Improvement Consultants provide independent advice and support on a wide range of financial improvement initiatives designed to help NHS clients identify ways of increasing capacity, implementing cost reductions and, where appropriate, increasing income and generating surplus.

GK Transformation’s consultants have specialist knowledge of the healthcare sector and provide financial improvement services to Strategic Health Authorities, Acute Trusts, PCTs, and Mental Health Trusts across clinical and non-clinical functions.

An expert team – GK Transformation will provide you with support from experts in the field. All our principal consultants have considerable project management, operational experience, at general manager, director or chief executive officer level.

In addition, we include within our team a number of specialist clinical based consultants with specific expertise covering the range of NHS disciplines.

Implementation support – The implementation support we provide is one of the factors that differentiate us from other consultancy firms.
Our work does not stop with the delivery of our financial recovery recommendations. We continue working with our clients to help implement the agreed initiatives, and deliver the gains.

Track record – We have worked for over 125 Trusts undertaking scores of value for money reviews and financial improvement assignments within clinical and non-clinical directorates. We typically deliver cost savings of around 5% of Trust income and/or efficiency and productivity gains of around 15%.

Methodology – An overview of our methodology is outlined overleaf.
If you feel that we can support you in achieving this objective and you would like an informal discussion about our proven approach then please feel free to contact us through our contact page.

Preliminary scoping
This initial phase is essentially a desk-based research exercise that aims to identify activities within the organisation that offer the greatest potential for cost reduction. This part of the programme is short and sharp and focused on areas likely to provide the best returns.

Financial review
Through adopting a Service Line Reporting approach, this review looks at the financial contribution made by each part of the organisation, based on the cost and income of each line of activity (tariff).

Evaluating internal financial recovery plans
Our role is to undertake an assessment of the feasibility and deliverability of existing plans. We provide a realistic assessment of the deliverability of clients’ own financial recovery plans, the timescales and associated cash flows. We also identify where clients would benefit from extra support.

Options development
Based on agreed priority areas within the organisation, our consultants work with client management teams to identify potential sources of cost improvement and report back to the Client Management Team with a number of options for consideration. The aim of this phase is to agree specific actions that can be implemented. Having managed over 5000 cost improvement initiatives, our team are well placed to advise on what will work and how to achieve results within the quickest timescales.

Implementation support to deliver cost improvement initiatives
GK Transformation works with client teams to provide additional expert capacity, which enables the implementation process to be accelerated; thereby ensuring financial balance is achieved earlier than might otherwise be possible. Whether the initiatives have been developed by the client’s own team or are initiatives that GK Transformation have developed, our teams are able to bring their extensive experience of managing these services in other Trusts to bear, in order to manage the transformation process and ensure savings are delivered.

Cost improvement training

A number of our clients prefer the option of providing further training to support their existing team. In this way GK Transformation’s consultants pass on their skills and expertise in developing cost improvement solutions, managing wider cost reduction programmes and overcoming resistance to change.