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GK Transformation have a range of services available to assist organisations, which are either considering, or are in the process of, Market Testing as part of their wider procurement strategy. We have a highly experienced and skilled team of Consultants who are able to provide professional advice and support throughout the Market Testing journey.


Is Market Testing the right approach? Prior to committing to a market test, there should be a demonstrable business case for that strategy. GK Transformation can review and benchmark existing service provision to determine whether there is reason to market test on grounds of high revenue costs or unfunded capital investment requirements. Furthermore, we can advise on the size, scope of service and duration of any market testing proposals, the suitability of any available framework arrangements and the likely level of commercial interest and competition.

The choice of procurement route is a key decision required early in the process, as is the so-called “two-tier workforce” issue of whether newly employed contractor staff should be employed on NHS Agenda-for-Change terms. Again GK Transformation can advise on the options available and the merits of each.


GK Transformation can offer a complete market testing service, including project management and undertaking the supporting procurement activities. However, we are able to tailor our support to work alongside the organisation’s existing procurement services and focus on what makes the tender unique.


We will work with the organisation to develop new specifications, which are:

  • Outcome-oriented, focused on measurable objectives and targets
  • Capture user requirements (following a period of engagement and challenge – to separate needs and wants)
  • Incorporate best practice and comply with statutory requirements


In addition to the service specification, we can develop the other required elements:

  • Unambiguous evaluation criteria, balancing cost and other factors
  • Model Answers
  • Appropriate procurement route
  • Pre-Qualification Questionnaires, if required
  • Forms of tender, anti-collusive declarations, etc.
  • TUPE information requirements
  • Advertising & attracting interest


As part of the market testing procurement process we can develop a concise set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are both meaningful and measurable. Our experience in the area of contract payment mechanisms can achieve the delicate balance between maximising the performance of the contractor while minimising the use of punitive financial penalties.


GK Transformation have in depth experience across a wide range of services allowing us to offer a comprehensive evaluation of tender returns. We can assess against both quantitative requirements, targets and measures and qualitative factors, offering a commentary, if required, as to the merits (or deficiencies and inherent risks) in any specific response. This includes:

  • Financial factors – Overall costs; baseline and variable cost elements; material mark-ups, pay rates, Agenda-for-Change or Living Wage compliance, Bonus schemes, Prompt payment discounts, etc.
  • Staff factors – Rosters & hours, sickness and absence arrangements, out of hours arrangements, training, supervision and organisational structure.
  • Non-staff factors – Materials and Provisions, Equipment, Maintenance, Capital items, etc.
  • Miscellaneous factors – Quality Assurance, Statutory Compliance, Business Continuity/Contingency Arrangements, Innovation.


Following contract award, we can, we can provide support for, verification or monitoring of, contract mobilisation arrangements to ensure that “day one” of the new service runs as smoothly as possible.


Following contract commencement, or for pre-existing contracts, we can provide independent contract monitoring services, against contract KPIs and/or best practice and statutory requirements, offering an unbiased opinion of service performance and compliance. A 3rd party view and dialogue can also help resolve any differences which may arise before positions become entrenched.