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Most Trusts recognise the need for contract monitoring, but often the internal staff resources are either not available or the activity falls well down their to-do list. In over 25 years of working with the NHS, GK Transformation have seen both good and bad examples of outsourced estates and facilities contracts.

Once a contract has been awarded, it doesn’t mean that the services will be delivered for the next five to seven years without any need for oversight or intervention. This can result in either relying on the contractor to self-monitor or the setting up of perfunctory monitoring activities which could best be described as “going native” with the contractor.

Even a best practice joint monitoring approach can sometimes become stale and predictable several years into a long contract.

The net result is that the contractor’s performance is allowed to fall short of the Trust’s requirements, presenting an unquantified risk to the Trust’s patients and/or staff

How can GK Transformation help?

GK Transformation are now pleased to offer a THREE-TIER service which provides the benefit of completely independent experience and advice. Our options can also be tailored to your specific requirements.

Gold, Silver Bronze Infographic

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Bronze Infographic
Bronze: Monitoring Audit

We will undertake an audit of your existing contractor monitoring method, including the procedures and activities undertaken by both parties, the competencies and capacities of the staff involved and the regular reporting produced – both as specified and as delivered.

Our findings will be presented back to give you confidence that your outsourced contract is being effectively monitored and/or identify any recommendations for improvement. For a typical acute Trust, we would be able to complete this audit for less than £5,000.

Silver Infographic
Silver: Providing Independent Monitoring

We have experienced and qualified staff ready to undertake contract monitoring on your behalf to give you truly independent information on how your contract is performing. This has many benefits, including:

  • Freeing up Trust staff time
  • Reviewing Key Performance Indicators to ensure they provide a holistic measure of the contractor’s performance
  • Bringing experience of working with many contractors and Trusts to the common issues which typically arise
  • The ability to act truly independently and provide a degree of objectivity when differences arise.

This service can be tailored to your needs; either we can undertake total responsibility for monitoring, or operate within a joint monitoring environment alongside the contractor and/or the Trust. Sometimes, the service contractor is willing to co-fund this approach, as they recognise the benefits of developing a good working relationship – putting money behind the oft-stated partnership working.

The cost of this service would reflect the frequency and scale of the required monitoring activity; for higher risk contracts, monthly monitoring may be required, however, once contracts have been validated as functioning correctly, a lighter-touch quarterly review may be more appropriate.

Gold Infographic
Gold: Acting as the Trust’s Informed Client

As a step-up from the Silver option, we can also act as the Trust’s informed client, which includes all the above benefits plus undertaking any Trust-side activities necessary to ensure effective contract management.

This would include formulating any necessary variation requests (or responding to contractor proposals), maintaining a dynamic specification and ensuring that the service remains aligned with the developing needs of the Trust over the lengthy contract period, and at a fair and reasonable price.

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To find out how GK Transformation could help, please contact Martin Bolding, Senior Managing Consultant within the Transformation Division on: 01273 862585 or at martin.bolding@greenkassab.co.uk

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